Colorado Water Congress

The Leading Voice of Colorado's Water Community

The Colorado Water Congress shapes beneficial actions and legislation that develop, manage, protect and conserve water. We’re the sole organization in the state that presents a non-partisan, unified and fair position on water issues, and our efforts are working. Learn More

Priorities & Events

Events – Learn! Discuss! Network! The Colorado Water Congress hosts events year-round; large and small, from the state's preeminent water industry convention to more intimate local events, all engendering collaboration, networking and professional development. Learn more

State Affairs – The Water Congress is actively engaged in the current legislative session, monitoring legislation and pursuing advocacy efforts regarding numerous bills that involve water. Learn more

Colorado Water Stewardship Project – Our newly launched effort to ensure that members and water stakeholders statewide are prepared for any Public Trust Doctrine. Learn more

Historical Water Rights – Reflecting back prepares us to shape a good future. The Water Congress has posted significant Colorado Water Rights articles and legislation dating back two decades. Learn more

Colorado's Water Plan CWCB – Learn more

CWC Job Bank - Learn more

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