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About Us

The Colorado Water Congress is an instrumentality of the State of Colorado, established in 1958 by the Governor and Attorney General’s office. We serve as the principal voice of Colorado's water community.

Through member forums and committees, the Colorado Water Congress provides strong leadership and thoughtful action to serve Colorado's needs to manage, protect, conserve, and develop our most valuable natural resource.

Our belief is that the state of Colorado’s water impacts the state’s well-being.  We are dedicated to successful promotion of policy that supports high-quality, sustainable water supplies through the protection of water rights, conservation, planning, management, and infrastructure investment.  We strive for thoughtful and equitable development and administration of water laws, regulations, and compacts.

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Member Driven

Our 400+ member organizations represent the diverse interests and opinions of the nine Colorado River Basins. Through our active committees, high quality conferences, and unique networking events, we provide an open forum in which our members connect and advocate for a strong, effective, and fair state water program and federal water policy. Through the efforts of our members, the Colorado Water Congress shapes beneficial actions and legislation that develop, manage, protect, and conserve water.

Success Rate

Since 1981, we've logged a success rate of 85% on state water-related legislation that the Colorado Water Congress has endorsed. It's rare that a bill opposed by our membership is ever signed by a Colorado governor.

Our voice ensures that Colorado Water Congress members and water stakeholders from around the state are prepared for ballot initiatives of interest to Colorado’s water community. We also advocate and help shape water-specific legislation in Washington D.C.!

We Celebrate

  • Members from every sector of the industry and every region of the state
  • An 85% success rate with water legislation we endorse
  • The premier water conference in the state of Colorado


"I have enjoyed a fifty-year journey in legal practice within most of the venues of government law, and during the chapter after the "69 Act" in which Colorado Water Law has been my principal professional activity, the Colorado Water congress has demonstrated to me that talented students of a complex legal and engineering system, can join their talents in achieving a legal, administrative and political process that has no equal, outside the water community."
--Ken Baker, Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District​
​The Water Congress Annual Convention "has become the go-to, must-attend, event for the water community. The diversity of speakers, relevance of panel topics and networking opportunities are perfect."
--Anonymous survey respondent
"The Water Congress is an organization that plays a large role in bringing people from across the state together on water issues. To me, the POND Committee is a more informal way to meet these people in a fun and accessible format, knowing that you have the same passion for water use in Colorado."
-- Joe Norris, Collins, Cockrel & Cole