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Mission, Purpose, Core Beliefs and Values

Mission: The mission of the Colorado Water Congress is to initiate and advance programs to conserve, develop, administer, and protect the water resources of the State of Colorado.

Purpose: The Colorado Water Congress ("CWC") will provide its membership with a forum for the discussion of water matters and to the end that, where possible, conflicts among water users may be resolved through the medium of mutual discussion of the facts and proposed solutions. It will provide, to the greatest extent possible, information for the membership.

Through the development of facts, dissemination of information and resolution of apparent conflicts, the CWC will make its influence felt to the greatest extent possible in each area of public authority over water matters.

In furtherance of these objectives, the CWC may cooperate with and support organizations working for the same general objectives.

Core Beliefs and Values: We believe the state of Colorado's water shapes the future of the State. We provide an open forum to share information, form positions, and advocate for a strong, effective, and fair State water program.  The Colorado Water Congress is dedicated to:

  • Successful promotion of policy that supports high-quality sustainable water supplies through protection of water rights, conservation, planning, management and infrastructure investment.
  • Thoughtful and equitable development and administration of water laws, regulations, and compacts within the framework of Article XVI of the Colorado Constitution.
  • Fair representation of every watershed in Colorado and every type of beneficial water use.
  • Clear communication of relevant, accurate, and timely information.
  • Active engagement of our members through education, collaboration, and networking.