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Member Update Calls

Member Update Calls

State Affairs Committee

2023 Legislative Session - CWC Bill Analysis Summaries

HB23-1005 New Energy Improvement Program Changes
HB23-1018 Timber Industry Incentives
HB23-1010 Task Force on High-altitude Water Storage
HB23-1023 Special District Construction Contract
HB23-1220 Study Republican River Groundwater Economic Impact
HB23-1221 Water Quality Data Standards
HB23-1255 Regulating Local Housing Growth Restrictions
HB23-1257 Mobile Home Park Water Quality
HB23-1282 Protect Consumers from Additional Entities
SB23-005 Forestry and Wildfire Mitigation Workforce
SB23-010 Water Resources and Agriculture Review Committee
SB23-032 Wildfire Detection Technology Pilot Program
SB23-177 2023 Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Projects Approriations
SB23-178 Water-wise Landscaping in Homeowners' Association Communities
SB23-186 Oil and Gas Commission Study Methane Seepage Raton Basin
SB23-237 Transfer to Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund
SB23-238 Small Communities Water and Wastewater Grant Fund
SB23-262 Water Desalination Study and Report
SB23-267 Chatfield State Park Water Quality Fee
HJR23-1007 Water Projects Eligibility Lists

2022 Legislative Session - CWC Bill Analysis Summaries

HB22-1007 Assistance Landowner Wildfire Mitigation
HB22-1011 Wildfire Mitigation Incentives for Local Governments
HB22-1012 Wildfire Mitigation and Recovery
HB22-1092 Loans from Irrigation Districts to Landowners
HB22-1097 Dissolution of Special Districts
HB22-1138 Reduce Employee Single-occupancy Vehicle Trips
HB22-1148 Wildfire Camera Pilot Program
HB22-1152 Prohibit Employer Adverse Action Marijuana Use
HB22-1316 Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project
HB22-1322 Water Quality Regulation
HB22-1323 Updates to State Forest Service Tree Nursery
HB22-1358 Clean Water in Schools and Child Care Centers
HB22-1363 Accountability to Taxpayers Special Districts
HB22-1379 Wildfire Prevention Watershed Restoration Funding
SB22-007 Increase Wildfire Risk Mitigation Outreach Efforts
SB22-013 Boards and Commissions
SB22-028 Groundwater Compact Compliance Fund
SB22-029 Investment Water Speculation
SB22-030 Expand Water Resources Review Committee to Include Agriculture
SB22-115 Clarifying Terms related to Landowner Liability
SB22-131 Protect Health of Pollinators and People
SB22-158 Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects
SB22-169 Sensitive Species Data and Public Records
SJR22-002 Water Projects Eligibility Lists

2021 Legislative Session - CWC Bill Analysis Summaries

HB21-1008 Forest Health Project Financing
HB21-1043 Study Underground Water Storage Maximum Beneficial Use
HB21-1046 Water Share Right Mutual Ditch Corporation
HB21-1105 Low-Income Utility Payment Assistance Contributions
HB21-1168 Historically Underutilized Business Local Government Procurement
HB21-1226 More Robust Check Station Aquatic Nuisance Species
HB21-1242 Create Agricultural Drought and Climate Resilience Office
HB21-1260 General Fund Transfer Implement State Water Plan
HB21-1268 Study Emerging Technologies for Water Management
HB21-1292 Report Revenues From Sports Betting Activity
SB21-028 Promulgation of Public Health Rules and Orders
SB21-034 Water Resource Financing Enterprise
SB21-054 Transfers for Wildfire Mitigation and Response
SB21-113 Firefighting Aircraft Wildfire Mgmt and Response
SB21-136 Sunset Forest Health Advisory Council
SB21-145 Extending Expiring Tax Check-offs
SB21-164 Uniform Easement Relocation Act
SB21-170 Wildland Fire Mitigation Cooperative Electric Association
SB21-176 Protecting Opportunities and Workers' Rights Act
SB21-189 Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project
SB21-200 Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice
SB21-220 Reverse Transfers From Severance Tax Operational Fund
SB21-234 General Fund Transfer Agriculture and Drought Resilience
SB21-237 Create Forest Health Council in Department of Natural Resources
SB21-240 Watershed Restoration Grant Program Stimulus
SB21-249 Keep Colorado Wild Annual Pass
HJR21-1002 Water Projects Eligibility Lists


2020 Legislative Session - CWC Bill Analysis Summaries

HB20-1037 Augmentation of Instream Flows
HB20-1042 PFAS Polyfluoroalky Substances Manufacturer Notice requirements
HB20-1069 Add Water Well Inspectors
HB20-1072 Study Emerging Technologies for Water Management
HB20-1094 Repeal Fee Cap On-site Wastewater Treatment System
HB20-1095 Local Governments Water Elements in Master Plans
HB20-1097 Connected Municipal Use No Change if Already Quantified
HB20-1119 State Government Regulation of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
HB20-1138 Public Real Properrty Index
HB20-1157 Loaned Water for Instream Flows to Improve Environment
HB20-1159 State Engineer Confirm Existing Use Instream Flow
HB20-1164 Housing Authority Exemptions From Water Fees
HB20-1172 No Abandonment of Water Rights for Efficiencies
HB20-1180 Protect Pollinators Through Pesticide Regulation
HB20-1172 No Abandonment of Water Rights for Efficiencies
HB20-1215 Sunset Water Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board
HB20-1233 Basic Life Functions in Public Spaces
HB20-1338 Operational Severance Tax Transfer To Agriculture Value-added
HB20-1344 Study Artificial Recharge Max Beneficial Use Water
SB20-008 Enhance Penalties Water Quality Criminal Violations
SB20-025 Conservancy District Boards Art and Beautification Projects
SB20-048 Study Strengthening Wateer Anti-speculation Law
SB20-153 Water Resource Financing Enterprise
SB20-155 Keep Presumption of Noninjury Well on Divided Land
SJR20-003 Water Projects Eligibility Lists

State Affairs Committee Archives (2019-2018)


Federal Affairs Committee

2020 Letters of Support

H.R. 5334 Funding our Roads and Ecosystems Sustainably Together Act
S. 2975 Stop the Spread of Invasive Mussels Act of 2019
2020 CWC NEPA Regulations Comments

Federal Affairs Committee Archives (2019-2018)

Colorado Water Stewardship Project

Public Trust/Rights of Nature Webinar from Member Call
Colorado Ballot Initiative Process
2019-20 Ballot Initiative Status Sheet