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Communications Committee

The Colorado Water Congress Communications Committee helps CWC members and CWC committees stay connected and engaged in the organization's actions.

“Committees” includes State Affairs, Federal Affairs, Water Quality, POND, Endangered Species Project, Stewardship Project, Communications, Awards, CWC Board, work groups, and discussion groups.

Communicating to the right audience at the appropriate time with the appropriate information in an easily accessible format is critical to protecting and emphasizing CWC’s relevance to our members.

Although CWC may not be a “retail” source for water information for the public, it is a “wholesale” source; that is, it provides background and context on issues to those who interact directly with the decision-makers, public, and news media.

Next Meeting

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Learn more about the Committee's goals and what we hope to achieve with the communications plan.


Find out more about the CWC governance structure for Communications and Partnerships.​

Strategic Plan

Review the CWC's strategic plan.


CWC Communications Staff


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