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Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity Committee

The Colorado Water Congress’ purpose is to provide its membership with a forum for the discussion of water matters. The EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee seeks to ensure that diverse and underrepresented voices and perspectives are included in these discussions by creating a culture of belonging and inclusion within the Colorado water community.

DIVERSITY. Ensuring that the Colorado water community includes and embraces differing voices and perspectives from all the communities we serve, especially those currently underrepresented.

EQUITY. Creating sustainable opportunities for underrepresented populations to join and be treated fairly in the Colorado water community within all sectors, levels and organizations.
INCLUSION. Creating a culture of belonging within the Colorado water community for everyone.

What We’re Doing: 

  • The EDI Committee’s inaugural event was in Summer 2020, where we hosted a World Café: Welcome to a Conversation About Racial Equity and Water Resources in Colorado at the Colorado Water Congress Summer Convention
  • This was followed by an Implicit Bias Event held in January at the 2021 Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention and co-hosted by the POND Committee.
  • The CWC is committed to supporting diverse voices in the water profession, by sponsoring the Colorado Water Center Student Fellowship at the Colorado State University

How to Engage:
The EDI committee is comprised of individuals from a wide variety of water-related organizations and professions. The EDI Committee welcomes new members; Colorado Water Congress membership is not required. We encourage and welcome all to participate.

Please contact Emily Hunt via email to receive committee notices.

​We also welcome questions and feedback.

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Next Meeting

For connection information and for other ways to engage, please contact Emily Hunt via email.