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Federal Affairs Committee

The Colorado Water Congress Federal Affairs Committee directs organizational efforts on a national level.

Comprised of 50+ members, the Federal Affairs Committee monitors federal legislation concerning the conservation, protection, and development of Western water resources. The committee meets the first Friday of each month to work on Federal water legislation.

Along with many western partner states and organizations, the CWC Federal Affairs Committee plays an active role in the National Water Resources Association (NWRA). This coalition presents a united front for federal protection of and proper attention to Western water.

Each year in late March or early April, the Federal Affairs Committee travels to D.C. to brief Colorado's Congressional Delegation on key water issues. CWC's national recognition is strengthened by opportunities for committee members to network with legislative staff. Click on a committee member's picture for more information.

United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC

2024 Federal Priorities

You must be a paying member of the Federal Affairs Committee to view Committee documents. Committee documents are available in your Member Info Hub under Resources. You can log into the Member Info Hub through Member Login from the menu on the top of the screen or HERE.

Find our Federal Affairs Advocacy page HERE

Members participating in the Federal Affairs Committee are sponsored by organizations that are CWC Members and pay a minimum of $1,000.00 in annual membership dues.

The Federal Affairs Committee fee is $325 per year, per person (Primary and Alternate members), allowing organizations to designate as many Alternate members as desired. The committee fees are billed with your membership renewal dues each year. The Federal Affairs Committee fees and membership dues must be in good standing before participation on the committee.

Committee participation and voting procedures are set forth in the Committee Rules. Committee fees cover the costs of supporting materials, annual dues to the National Water Resources Association, and audio conferencing.

Join our Federal Affairs Advocacy HERE.


Andy Colosimo, Chair
Christine Arbogast, Vice Chair