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Member Benefit – NWRA Membership

As a member of the Colorado Water Congress, you are also a member of the National Water Resources Association (NWRA).

NWRA states: Access to water is a fundamental necessity for life, a cornerstone of civilization and the key to economic stability, growth and prosperity. For more than eighty years, members of the NWRA have been providing clean water to families, farms, businesses and communities throughout the West. The NWRA is a nonprofit federation of agricultural and municipal water providers, state associations, and individuals dedicated to the conservation, enhancement and efficient management of our nation’s most important natural resource: water. Our members proudly provide clean water to millions of people, irrigate millions of acres of farmland, and contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. NWRA members are actively engaged in addressing the water supply challenges posed by population growth and continued drought in the western United States. Our members look forward to working with Congress and our federal agency partners to create opportunities to meet these challenges. NWRA thanks Congress for its attention to the critical water supply issues facing our nation, and for supporting our members as they continue to be stewards of our nation’s water supply and a critical part of the economy.

You can find more details about NWRA and learn more about their mission and objective HERE.

Colorado Representatives on NWRA Board

Andy Colosimo
Kathy Kitzmann
Christine Arbogast, Federal Affairs Chair

Zane Kessler